TSL PS 500


  • It has adhesive properties in both wet and dry environments.
  • Excellent adhesion to any substrate.
  • Easy and quick to apply.
  • UV stable and temperature tolerant.
  • Prevents time dependent deterioration of gully hanging wall.
  • Stops further deterioration of damaged hanging wall.
  • Prevents scaling of gully side walls below the packs.
  • Serves as an early warning indication of ground movement, i.e. when cracks start to appear in the TSL.
  • Reduces time spent on early examination.
  • Prevents costly rehabilitation of back areas.
  • Reduces the risk of FOG or a rock burst and associated incidents.
  • Good bonding and flexural strength properties.
  • Good resistance to sulphate attacks.
  • Stops corrosion.

Data sheets for TSL PS 500 (PDF Format)

TDS Data Sheet
MSDS Data Sheet


TSL PS 500 (SINGLE COMPONENT) POWDER SYSTEM is a rigid, single component, grey thin spray liner with Nano Engineering components for support & sealing. The product is applied under high pressure thus allowing it to penetrate any fractures in the rock, creating a key blocking system & combined with the high adhesion strength of the product, the rock on either side of the fracture is effectively consolidated. The rest of the substrate is sealed & protected from exposure to the atmosphere, which prevents further deterioration of the rock due to oxidation.