Nano Tech Foam 205R

The Use of Nano Tech Foam 205 R.

  • Two component pumps required for pumping.
  • Nano Tech Foam 205 R.
  • Nano Tech Foam 205 R can be used in conjunction with Self-drilling hollow anchors, packers, in bags or where free flow application allows it. Depending on the support design.
  • Nano Tech Foam 205 R must preferably be applied by well-trained pump technicians, applying the foam wrongly might manipulate the performance of the total support design.

Data sheets for Nano Tech Foam 205R (PDF Format)


GEOTECH – Nano Tech Foam 205R is a two component, high performance resin foam which can be used in any tunnelling and mining environment. Nano Tech Foam 205 R has been designed for high performance water sealing. Nano Tech Foam

205 R is mainly used for water sealing and void filling.