Geo-Slow Set A100


  • To accelerate stiffening and early hardening of concrete and mortar that do not contain embedded metal.
  • To accelerate the stiffening and early age strength development of foamed mortar systems.


  • Accelerated stiffening allows earlier demoulding and faster turnaround of moulds.
  • Assists in overcoming delays in concrete finishing caused by cold water.
  • Allows finishing beginning at an earlier stage.

Data sheets for Geo-Slow Set A100 (PDF Format)


Geo-Slow set A100 accelerating admixture is based on calcium chloride. It is supplied as a clear solution, which instantly disperses in water.
Geo-Slow set A100 enhances the early stages of cement hydration, producing more rapid stiffening and hardening. This allows final finishing or mould stripping to begin at an earlier age without damaging the concrete surface.